Ona Praderas

Ona Praderas specializes in mental wellness coaching, mixing modalities such as art, movement, breathwork and Gestalt therapy for deep personal growth. Besides her private practice, she currently facilitates online circles for ACER Integration, is the community manager for The Psychedelic Puppet Show, and previously worked for Synthesis retreats in the Netherlands providing safe spaces for deep inner work.

She has explored and trained in various modalities and found that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to mental stress or pain. Instead she embraces a holistic approach that helps individuals feel acceptance and inner peace. She uses the power of presence, mindful breath, natural movement, altered states, creativity and storytelling to shift the mental focus and empower individuals or groups to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their life experiences.

2024 Canadian Psychedelic Summit: Dance and Draw Workshop

Ona will be leading a workshop for inspiration, dance and art. It starts with a conscious light movement, followed by mindful guidance. Then, somatic dance and drawing to promote connection to self and others. The main emphasis is on creating a safe, inclusive space for exploration with somatic movement and art synergy.