Navin Sahjpaul

Navin Sahjpaul is a Music Therapist (BMT), Certified Yoga Teacher, Artist (Musician, Writer), Mental Health Advocate, and is currently completing an M.A. of Counselling Degree at City University of Canada, studying to become an RCC (Registered Clinical Counsellor). He is a South Asian man of colour who identifies as an Indo-Canadian (he/him), both of his parents were born in India and immigrated to Canada at a young age with their families. His life path thus far has led him to pursuing a career path in being of service in this world. He is deeply passionate about well-being, mental health, community building, and healing, a believer in the idea that healing is possible, and that the more we tend to our wounds, the greater our capacity becomes to experience joy, gratitude, and love

Navin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy Degree from Capilano University, a Foundations of Music Therapy Diploma from Douglas College receiving the Amanda Todd Legacy award, a Certification from Gabor Mate’s 2-Day Training Compassionate Inquiry, a 300+ Yoga Teacher Training certification from Arkaya Yoga, and a Certification of Completion from Therapsil’s Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy Training Program

He is a Community Leader for The Flying Sage, serves as Co-Chair on the Marketing Committee for ICMSV (Indian Classical Music Society of Vancouver), and is an active volunteer for MAPS Canada serving on the Social Media Committee 

In his spare time, Navin enjoys time in nature, playing and watching hockey, and spending time with loved ones

2024 Canadian Psychedelic Summit: Sound Healing Experience

Navin will lead a Sound Healing Experience where he utilizes music & sound with the intention of creating a soundscape within which one can find stillness, tranquility, and peace. The music is a restorative experience, opening the heart and creating space for one to connect to their inner landscape in terms of emotions, thoughts, sensations, and memories, providing an opportunity for the body to release anxiety, tension, and stress that has been stored and accumulated within one’s nervous system over time. For this offering, Navin has a portable set up which includes a Battery Powered Amp, an Acoustic Guitar, a Flute, Singing Bowls at 432 HZ, and a Midi Keyboard which is connected to computer software where he creates ambient soundscapes. All of the music is created live and is improvised. During the experience, you are invited to find a comfortable space during the sound healing for rest, meditation, journaling, gentle movement, and/or yoga