Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver is a wellness community strategist and psychedelic practitioner based in Vancouver BC.

Since graduating with a degree in Cognitive Systems from UBC, Michael has focussed his work primarily in building community in the psychedelic space. Through his business coaching practice Community Compass, Michael helps entrepreneurs, creators and businesses build sustainable, profitable and meaningful wellness communities.

After serving as the Volunteer Coordinator and Executive Assistant for MAPS Canada for 3 years, he co-founded The Flying Sage with his sister, a psychedelic community on a mission to democratize transcendence. The Flying Sage has now grown to be one of Vancouver’s largest psychedelic communities and is also known as the Vancouver Psychedelic Society.

Michael also facilitates psychedelic experiences through his practice Legacy Journeys where he offers transformative experiences to leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers who are seeking to self-actualize and step into their own transformative leadership journey.