Maya Moreno

Maya Moreno, Xoxhihua, Poc Trans/Queerness, Connection, and Resilience.

Xoxhihua: Nahuatl for “Flower Bearer,” akin to “2Spirit Person” in Turtle Island, Mexican. With 14 years of experience working with hallucinogenic plants and psychedelics substances. Life long respect, understanding and love for indigenous traditions. Maya has spent time in the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon, learning from Indigenous tribes and a local shaman. Additionally, she has engaged in continuous learning with mentors in Mexico since the early 2000’s.

Her immigration journey that began 16 years ago provided firsthand experience of the challenging realities of a system that opposes and deprives queer people of color of their spiritual development. Maya believes that decolonizing our minds and bodies is the first step towards our true human experience.

Beginning her journey as a speaker, Maya draws from a lifetime shaped by constant change and transformation, refining her adaptability and innovative thinking. Infusing spirituality with practicality, Maya now wishes to empower queer people and people of color by reclaiming our space in the psychedelic and ceremonial space.