Lisa Richardson

is a newspaper columnist, essayist and a community resilience advocate, who has written for a wide variety of publications, and spearheaded numerous events and gatherings designed to empower people on their path to deeper connection. Founder of globally-renowned farm tourism festival, the Slow Food Cycle Sunday, writer of sustainability and circularity copy for outdoor gear brand Arc’teryx, developer of a reconciliation and community hub The Wellness Almanac, instigator and co-facilitator of the Active Hope Climate Squad, she has led many small groups in the practice of journalling for self-care, social media for brand development, skiing for fun, and the Spiral of the Work that Reconnects for deepening our sense of aliveness and attention to the world. She’s a member of a Thrutopia writing community working to craft narrative throughlines to imagine and propagate visions of what the world could be and how we might get there. She is mother to a ten year old, to whom she longs to be able to say, “You were at the heart of everything we did.”