Krusheska Quiros



Krusheska, an Afro-Taina from Boriké (Puerto Rico), is deeply enamoured with music that moves our bodies, stimulates our minds, and fills our souls with joy. With a passion for sharing music, she has cultivated inclusive spaces where people gather to revel in the transformative power of sound, fostering a sense of belonging and unity on the dance floor.

As a technologist, music archivist, and DJ, Krusheska orchestrates euphoric sonic odysseys, guiding partygoers through immersive transcending experiences. She is dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices and showcasing a wide range of musical genres and cultures.

Notable among her endeavours is the creation and co-production of Traffic Jam, a series of inclusive house party-style gatherings in Vancouver, where people from diverse backgrounds come together to dance and connect. Additionally, she created and co-produced Suena a Revolución, a music podcast broadcast by several independent Latin American radio stations, which highlights the work of marginalized artists and explores the intersection of music and social change.

Through her passion for music and commitment to diversity and inclusion, Krusheska continues to create spaces where everyone is welcome to dance, celebrate, and embrace the beauty of our shared humanity.