Jack Milroy

Pronouns: He/Him

Location: Australia/Canada

Jack has spent a decade and a half building and scaling campaigns using technology. He has worked on elections and advocacy campaigns in Canada and Australia, developing a people first approach to digital fundraising.

In 2022 he led the digital fundraising team for both Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, and South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas in their successful election campaigns. In Victoria he set a new record for the most money ever raised online in an Australian state election.

Jack has worked as a strategist at leading progressive organizations in Australia and Canada: Leadnow.ca, the Australian Labor Party, Vision Vancouver, and the BC NDP.

In 2015 he joined the team at political technology startup NationBuilder, working from headquarters in Los Angeles. In this role he worked with customers across the US, Canada, Australia, NZ, and South East Asia to leverage technology to scale impact and campaigns.

Jack is a Digital Fundraising Fellow at the Centre for Australian Progress, and a Member of the Fundraising Institute of Australia.

What’s something about you that would surprise others to know:

I am a competitive powerlifter.

Organization name: Uplift Fundraising Partners

What unique role do you or your organization play in the progressive movement in Canada?

I’ve been been deeply involved in the progressive movements in both Australia and Canada, across non-profits, unions and elections, as well as working inside government. I think this gives me a wide lens on the challenges we are facing, as well as slightly different perspective on where we need to go.What part of movement infrastructure are you interested in building in the next decade?

We need to build human infrastructure to staff our movement in the long haul. This means investing in structures that provide career paths for progressive professionals and staff. Right now it is very difficult for young people to come into the movement, earn a decent salary, and be supported in career progression. Too many people burnout, suffer a loss of faith in the movement, or just drift away because working professionally in movement based organizations can be unfulfilling, difficult, and financially uncompetitive. We need to build a movement infrastructure that values people, and recognizes that you can’t build a life around a $70k annual salary in 2023. We need to find ways to break out of the scarcity mindset, value people, and reward them accordingly. This means competitive salaries, career progression and professional development.

Share a book, article, podcast, or piece of art that captures where you want the movement to go.

Building Resilient Organizations: Toward Joy and Durable Power in a Time of Crisis

Mission & Mandate

Data driven fundraising for purpose driven organizations.

Who is your audience? Who are you trying to influence and engage?

Non-profits, labour unions, foundations, and progressive political parties.

One thing people might not know about your organization

I think a bit of mystery is ok.

A win you’re celebrating with your organization

We set an online fundraising record in the Victorian state election in 2022. At the same time we helped elect two progressive Labor governments in Australia (Victoria and South Australia). Both are taking strong action on climate and housing affordabilty.

A challenge you’re working through with your organization

We are currently working on a large end of year fundraising campaign for a global foundation. We are building a testing and optimization program for their email fundraising while navigating complex internal structures and technology stacks.