Francine Douglas


Francine Douglas

Sto:lo, Sts’ailes and Tsimpshian, Metlakatla

Stó:lō from Sts’ailes Nation and Tsimshian from Metlakatla Nation, Francine works with several organizations to reclaim and restore Indigenous connection to the land and build Indigenous intergenerational wealth.  She is founder of iStó:lō, an Indigenous-focused marketing and communications company. She works with Sacred Circle, an Indigenous company integrating Indigenous knowledge, ancestral traditional medicine and modern therapeutic practices, All Nations Mestiyexw, an Indigenous cannabis company, leading corporate communications and brand integrity and Thálé:ylex awtxw Foundation, a grassroots organization dedicated to amplify the voices and leadership of Stó:lō women. 

Francine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and anthropology from the University of British Columbia and is honoured to sit on the MAPS Canada board, supporting the research, advocacy and equitable access to psychedelic medicine.

Contact Information

Francine Douglas
Phone: 604-997-4913
Email: [email protected] 


Lllahe: Water is Medicine