Damian Kai Norman

2023 Canadian Psychedelic Summit Presenter

As a certified counsellor specializing in trauma and somatic therapy, a 2x certified breathwork facilitator, a psychedelic integration counsellor, a certified ICF accredited coach, and a holistic movement practitioner with a professional dance background; Damian Kai Norman values community, freedom, and physical-emotional embodiment. He loves facilitating group work and wellness retreats, creating safe containers for authentic vulnerable conversations, befriending our nervous system, and cultivating our capacity to feel fearlessly.

Norman has an intimate relationship with trauma and continues to learn through lived experience how to compassionately relate to his own chronic pain through working with the nervous system. Norman is here to do the work with you and attune to your personal journey. With a calm grounded presence and an uplifting encouraging spirit, Norman invites you to connect with your body and build a relationship of trust, curiosity and compassion… Creating a loving partnership with yourself.