• Single w/shared bathroom* – CAD $1,902.00
  • Twin w/ensuite oceanfront* – CAD $1,854.00
  • Twin w/ensuite* – CAD $1,734.00
  • Twin w/shared bathroom* – CAD $1,614.00
  • Three-share w/shared bathroom* – CAD $1,490.00
  • Dorm Lower Bunk – CAD $1,382.00
  • Dorm Upper Bunk – CAD $1,382.00
  • Tent Site Single – CAD $1,294.00
  • Tent Site Couple – CAD $1,230.00
  • Glamping – CAD $1,324.00
  • Commuter* – CAD $1,232.00

Date & Time Details:
Starts with dinner on September 11
Ends with lunch on September 15

6:00-7:00am Self-Guided Meditation (self-guided) every morning*
6:30-8:00am Morning Harlequin Row on September 12 and 13*
7:15-8:15am Morning Yoga on September 12 and 14*
7:15-8:15am Kinetic Core on September 13*
8:00-9:00am Breakfast
8:30-9:00am Garden Tour on September 13*
9:15am-12:30pm Morning Sessions
10:00am-11:30pm Morning Session on September 15
12:45-1:45pm Lunch
Afternoon Off on September 13, Guided Nature Hike 1:30-4:00pm* and Desolation Cruise 1:30-6:30pm**
2:30-4:00pm Afternoon Sessions
4:00-6:00pm Open Time
5:00pm Welcome Reception on September 11
5:30-6:30pm Oyster Appetizer Beach BBQ on September 14*
6:30-7:30pm Dinner
7:20pm Orientation on September 11 7:30-10:30pm Bioluminescence Paddle on September 13**
7:45pm Evening Sessions
8:00pm Opening Session on September 11

*Optional Activities
**Optional Activities with additional charge

Location: Cortes Island

Tuition: $850

Package Price: $1232 - $1,902 / 4 nights. Includes tuition, room, all meals, and Hollyhock activities (depends on accommodation choice). Excludes taxes and fees.

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Social Venture Institute Hollyhock

With Hollyhock Leadership Institute

September 11 - 15, 2019

Social Venture Institute offers the mission-based entrepreneur an opportunity to share challenges, successes, and experiences with peers in an atmosphere of trust and goodwill.

“A profoundly life changing event. Hollyhock SVI raises your expectations of what success can be and connects you to those who can make your goals reality.” – Patrice Mousseau, Satya Organic Skin Care

Each attendee brings a commitment of social change to their enterprise, whether a for-profit business or a non-profit organization. Over 21 years, SVI has provided over 2,500 entrepreneurs the opportunity to strengthen their business skills, network with other social enterprise leaders, and rejuvenate their passion and vision.

“SVI created the space for us, as directors of a large project, to attend to our values through our work, both at a high-vision level, and also through pragmatic issues, like developing a cash flow that could support these intentions. At SVI you will definitely develop the relationships you need to do the work you want to do. The people are in the room.” – Duane Elverum, City Studio 

Apply Here

Intentionally Designed to Foster Growth

The format of SVI is highly interactive and experiential. Participants present their business problems to a panel of experienced business leaders and fellow participants. In return, they receive advice, tools, and resources to strengthen and grow their enterprise in a socially conscious way. Based on evaluations and testimonials, participants uniformly reflect that SVI is one of the best investments they’ve made in growing their social purpose enterprises.

Supportive and Experienced Network

The combination of high quality mentors, a confidential and supportive environment, and a practical problem-solving format enables participants to acquire a rich portfolio of skills, a plan to grow their social purpose organization, and a network of contacts to support their enterprise. SVI participants are first or second-stage entrepreneurs who face challenges in growing an enterprise while maintaining a social mission.

Unique Format for Out of the Box Results

Take advantage of this opportunity to fine tune business strategies, learn best practices for solving problems and build long lasting relationships with business peers and mentors. Get direct feedback for your current business challenges from a faculty of successful socially responsible enterprise leaders. Hear inspiring “True Confessions” – personal stories from experienced entrepreneurs and their struggles to reach success combining social mission with business.


  • Share innovative ideas to help improve the way you manage, promote and finance your businesses and projects;
  • Build a stronger sense of community, cooperation, mission and effectiveness; and
  • Experience the deep rejuvenation integral to the learning journey.

This program is for CEOs, Executive Directors, Founders, key staff, social entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders of all kinds.

“SVI for me was full of surprises. While I anticipated the learning and programming, what I found remarkable was being surrounding by so many truly authentic individuals.” – Stephanie Vellins, Harris & Company

Apply Here


Hollyhock Leadership Institute
Our renowned conferences help resolve the leadership deficits of the modern world. These cross-sectoral and multi-generational gatherings work to support and catalyze progressive leaders through strengthening skills, expanding capacity, and building peer-to-peer networks and knowledge. hollyhockleadershipinstitute.org
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