How Much Power

By Helen Folsom. Posted on June 13, 2018 in Wisdom + Wellness

How much power do you have, how much power do you need? In the body we may feel weak or strong depending on what is happening within, on whether we are over or under fed, on being over or under rested, on what medications or drugs we have ingested, and even on the state of our mind — including our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

A tiny innate inter-cellular part is responsible for generating 90% of all the power the body needs to do its many jobs of keeping us warm, creating all the stuff we need to be alive; enzymes, proteins, hormones, structural bits and pieces. Those tiny beings (for indeed the current theory says that these parts were once unicellular creatures that fused with others to make a superior life form) are called mitochondria.

And if we are talking power there are enough mitochondria in your cells to create a magnificent display of energy. Think of a lightening bolt, now think of your body. Which has more power? Each mitochondrion can generate .2 volts of electricity. When you multiply that by all the mitochondria you have, you and a lightening bolt have equal power. So, go ahead, think of yourself as a walking, talking lightening bolt. It will do you good. Even knowing that, may inform you as to what is possible in this life. You have plenty of power.

The Mighty (but oh so small) Mitochondria.

You (and a few of your friends) can change the world.

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