Step outside the box and recharge.
Enjoy a dream holiday at Hollyhock.

Enjoy our Cortes Island campus on your own schedule. Our holiday packages include:

  • Choice of accommodations
  • Three gourmet, garden-inspired meals each day
  • Abundant natural beauty, ocean front beach, and hiking trails
  • French intensive garden – ideal setting for photography, painting, meditating
  • Ocean-view hot tubs
  • Complimentary activities: Morning meditation and yoga, naturalist events (morning rows, afternoon guided hikes, garden tours)
  • By-donation Presenter Evenings from visiting faculty
  • See Rates and Specials

3-Night Restorative Getaway Packages

Package includes:

*based on weather conditions, kayaking may be replaced by an additional massage session in spring or autumn

$295 CDN (meals & accommodation extra)

Dates Offered (Click to Book!)