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Informed by Cancer: Yoga Therapy to Support the Lived Experience of Cancer

With Anne Pitman

May 22 - 26, 2024
"Anne creates a space and practice for conversations dealing with ongoing processing of  cancer diagnosis, treatment, healing, grief, fear of reoccurrence and, importantly, how to support ourselves and loved ones experiences at our own pace." - past participant Cancer changes us. It is, in itself, a full-time job: the immediate…

Finding Fulfillment Through Tantra: Magnetize Your Heart’s Desire

With Yogacharini Maitreyi

June 14 - 19, 2024
Did you know your heart's magnetic field is 5,000 times stronger than your brain’s? Or that the signals from the heart go instantaneously to the brain and regulate the brain’s physiology, making the heart a central node which regulates cognitive and emotional information? How would your life change if you new…

The Healing Power of Yoga

With Peter Sterios

June 19 - 23, 2024
Discover the healing power that yoga promises, during a spacious 5-day program of yoga-inspired movement and rest in nature, at Hollyhock on beautiful Cortes Island. The experience and knowledge you gain during the retreat will be uniquely individual, emphasizing your own intuitive creativity to provide you a truly "personal” practice…

Pwātamowin “the act of dreaming”: A Yogic retreat

With Malina Dawn

June 30 - July 5, 2024
Pwātamowin is a Cree word meaning “the act of dreaming.” But this is not the kind of dreaming you do when you sleep, it is akin to catching visions. This planet needs more healed people and a big part of that process is us being able to catch a beautiful…
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Closer Together: A Weekend with Sophie

With Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

July 5 - 7, 2024
"Hollyhock is a sacred, special and transformative place. It’s an honour for me to host this retreat where the theme of togetherness, compassion and relationship to ourselves will allow us to dig deeper and come Closer Together." - Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau Sophie Grégoire Trudeau invites you on a deeply personal journey…

Connecting to Source: Yoga, Meditation, Ritual

With Mara Branscombe

July 12 - 17, 2024
Since ancient times, the human collective has aligned with the seasons, the elements, the rhythms of the sun, the moon, and the earth as a way to source pure energy and connect to one’s inner compass. The mind-body science of yoga, combined with the practice of meditation, breath-work, and the…

Nature & Nurture Yoga: Embracing Abundance

With Fiji McAlpine

July 21 - 26, 2024
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"Fiji is a phenomenal instructor. She created a wonderful atmosphere and allowed us to blossom and learn within our own space." - past participant Embrace the abundance of August in the Pacific Northwest on spectacular Cortes Island. Summer is the season to savour the fruits of the year's growth. The…

Energy Medicine Yoga: The Path to Boundless Joy

With Lauren Walker

August 4 - 9, 2024
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Join Energy Medicine Yoga founder, Lauren Walker, for a profound, immersive and transformative experience. In our 5 days together, you will gain a deep understanding of the truth: Energy is All There Is - body, mind and spirit. Most importantly, you will learn to apply Lauren’s signature Five Star Method…

Whole Human Health

With Lawrence Cheng, MD, CCFP(EM), MPH and Devon Christie, MD, CCFP, RTC

August 9 - 14, 2024
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Embody your well-being potential! Join us on this five day immersive retreat to learn, explore and experience true health and healing, from a cellular to whole-being level. Dr. Lawrence Cheng and Dr. Devon Christie expertly guide you through their unique and holistic synthesis of functional and mind-body medicine, and share…

Body, Breath & Nature

With Loretta (Lo) Laurin

August 9 - 14, 2024
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Take a step outside of everyday life and reconnect to the landscape of your breath and body in nature. Reset and re-regulate your nervous system with an integration of yoga, pilates, and nature immersion. This is an opportunity to prioritize your self-care, decrease stress, and reinvigorate your capacity for balance.…

The Nourished Woman Goddess Retreat

With Abneet Kaur Sandhar

September 22 - 26, 2024
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Aligned. Knowing. Full Bloom Radiance. Clear. Shining. Grounded. These qualities all exist within us, yet for so many women, we feel depleted and defeated. Our attention being pulled in many different directions, with a low-grade fever of constant overwhelm. We may feel racked with guilt, shame, and comparison, constantly feeling…

The Art of Resting Well

With Farah Nazarali

September 27 - October 1, 2024
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Bring your tired and weary souls for a restful, restorative, and rejuvenating retreat that is an immersion into the art of resting well. This experiential retreat is designed to provide rest for your body, mind, and spirit through land-based and somatic practices--guided beach walks, mindful forest walking, sunset gazing, restorative…

Psoma: The Heart and Soul of Therapy

With Donna Martin & Shelley Winton

October 6 - 13, 2024
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How can we assist someone on their healing journey without any suggestion of something wrong, something to fix? Can we recognize healing as an inside job… the unfolding of intrinsic wholeness, rather than a return to wholeness? Is it possible to be the kind of presence that is itself a…