Food & Garden

A feast for the senses! Renowned fresh, sumptuous food has made our Hollyhock kitchen famous. Our French-Intensive garden supplies vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers to each meal, gracing your table with food that is nourished with care every step of the way.

Our healthy, organic, vegetarian fare features ingredients from our abundant gardens located just outside our kitchen door, and well as local BC foods.

On the Menu
Meals at Hollyhock are globally-inspired and prepared with love and skill in our Hollyhock kitchen. Enjoy weekly wild seafood dinners and beach-side oyster appetizer barbecues. We serve organic grains and organic produce sourced locally, whenever possible. Organic herbs, flowers, greens, and vegetables are harvested daily from the Hollyhock garden. Our orchard produces many beautiful fruits featured on the dessert menu seasonally and served in our 24/7 fruit bowl, offering. Our meals are created and served “family style”.

Meal Bookings
Meal packages are included in your accommodation. We also welcome individual meal reservations. Please call 1.800.933.6339 or 1.250.935.6576 for availability. We appreciate 24 hours notice whenever possible. Prices as follows:

$17 Breakfast
$20.50 Lunch
$36 Dinner
$39 Seafood Dinner
$9  Oyster Appetizer BBQ

Garden Tours
Enjoy guided weekly tours with our gardeners, or explore the garden on your own, enjoying the natural beauty and birdsong.

Hollyhock Cookbooks

Hollyhock Cookbooks

Recreate culinary memories at home! Pick up a copy of one of our Hollyhock cookbooks in our store before you leave: Hollyhock Garden to Table or Hollyhock Cooks. You may also order by calling 1-800-933-6339.

The food at Hollyhock is beautiful and delicious, prepared with love and served in a spectacular natural setting.
– Andrew Weil, MD 

The Hollyhock garden is my favourite place on the planet. – Program Participant