Effortless Mastery Meditation

By Kenny Werner. Posted on January 23, 2018 in Creativity

Connect to free-flowing, and effortless thinking. World-class pianist and composer Kenny Werner guides you to a place of relaxed focus with this 4-part meditation series.

Kenny’s revolutionary process of Effortless Mastery – originally meant for musicians to remove the blocks to their creative process – was found to be equally valuable and profound for the businessman inhibited by the consequences of his decisions, or the golfer and the consequences of his next swing.

Want more?

Listen to Meditation Exercise 2

Listen to Mediation Exercise 3

Listen to Meditation Exercise 4

  • Kay

    I hear you
    A gentle voice so far
    Yet so close
    To my heart
    Like a soft scarf
    Made of warm sunshine
    And I like a tiny buds
    Who just became aware of
    The strength so deep in
    A thin body

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