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Tapping the Stream: A Spring Writing Retreat

With Betsy Warland and Shaena Lambert

June 23 - 30, 2024
Tapping the Stream is a week-long retreat - free from interruption - to explore the direction of a work in progress, as well as to foster creativity through community with other writers. “Tapping the Stream is the most wonderful workshop I have ever attended. The facilitators helped me get back…

Between the Human Animal and the Animate Earth

With David Abram

July 26 - 31, 2024
How can we open a fresh and unshakeable solidarity between ourselves and the other animals, plants, and elemental forces that compose this breathing biosphere? The deepening contortions of climate change – intensifying droughts, monster floods, flaring wildfires and heart-wrenching geopolitical cataclysms – all ensure that our species is tumbling toward…
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You Are Not Your Story

With Mark Matousek

August 4 - 9, 2024
"I cannot say enough about this profound writing practice to heal, and awaken. I went away feeling weightier, more embodied, with a deep sense of having recovered more of my authentic voice, and depth of presence." - Krystal Dyan, Past participant Realizing you are not your story is a quantum…

Depth Ecology Camp

With Nora Bateson, Melina Laboucan-Massimo, Rex Weyler and Kairn Mahon Carrington

August 14 - 18, 2024
Humans do not stand apart from the earth and its living systems. To address our global challenges, we must start from our roots as creatures of this Earth. What does it mean to take action and adopt a genuinely ecological frame for seeing our world, our selves, and our human…

Harmony Within: A Journey of Songwriting and Reconnection

With Leah Abramson and Samantha Parton

September 27 - October 2, 2024
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Writing can be a powerful tool of self-expression and intimacy with one's deepest thoughts and feelings. The “Harmony Within” workshop explores songwriting as a medium, a practice, and a journey through which we can reconnect with our creative source, our vulnerability, and our inner wisdom, harnessing the healing power of…

Listening to Fish and Water: The Art of Survival

With AM Kanngieser and Zoe Todd

October 11 - 15, 2024
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What lessons can we learn about transformation from fish, water, and other inter-connected oceanic and river beings or ecosystems? As Dr. Leroy Little Bear says, fish have survived multiple calamities on Earth over half a billion years. He urges us to ask the fish for guidance on how to navigate…