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You Are Not Your Story with Mark Matousek

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Dear Friends,

Happy summer!  I’m excited to be returning to Hollyhock in August for my annual visit to Cortes Island – one of my very favorite places on the planet for spiritual renewal and creative exploration.  In this era of uncertainty and global upheaval, Hollyhock is a precious refuge for doing the kind of deep, transformational work that can help with healing ourselves and the planet and illuminate the path ahead. 

An essential step in this awakening process is the ability to change our story, which is the theme of the program I’m offering this year, You Are Not Your Story.  In this five-day writing program, we’ll be exploring the insight and freedom that come from recognizing that our narratives do not define us. Though storytelling is essential to human life, it’s critical to remember that you are the storyteller, not the story, and that you are not bound to your personal myths.  This recognition has the power to liberate you from past trauma and provide access to personal potential you might not have known was in you. 

For the past 35 years, as a writer, teacher, and mentor, I’ve used Writing to Awaken to help countless students around the world to penetrate their harmful, limiting fictions, and realize their creative and spiritual gifts. We do this through self-inquiry and radical truth-telling; during our time together, I’ll guide you through a series of writing exercises designed to penetrate the narratives that hold you back, and free you of obsolete biases and beliefs. In a gentle atmosphere of mutual support and inspiration, you’ll have plenty of time for personal writing as well as group discussion and one-on-one time with me. 

If you have any questions about the program, please don’t hesitate to write to me at [email protected]. This is going to be a wonderful week at Hollyhock and I hope so much you’ll be able to join us!

Till then, sending my very best wishes,


Register for You Are Not Your Story, August 4-9th 2024 

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