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Finding Fulfillment Through Tantra at Hollyhock

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Magnetize Your Heart’s Desire with Yogacharini Maitreyi this June at Hollyhock

Beyond our basic needs being met we keep doing things in the hope of finding true fulfillment. Maybe it is the house with the picket fence that promised us fulfillment. Or three kids. Or a beautiful wife and a million dollars. Yet as we attain it we see the high of the achievement barely lasts and the promise of fulfillment fades when there is yet another hierarchy to be reached in the MLM (multi-level marketing) structure of life that has been sold to us.

The Tantric structure is very different from what we have been made to believe is true. This fulfillment comes to us when we purify and strengthen our heart chakra instead of running outside of it. We could be chasing an elusive dream all our lives in the hopes of filling a void. This void can only be filled in the depths of your heart which is a gateway to rebalancing all chakra and aligning all kosha (fields / dimensions). Before we know it we effortlessly magnetize into our lives the reality that matches that inner harmony. 

This is the Tantric way to manifestation, where the heart learns the value of true goodness and desires that before all else. It is discerning enough to see the vapid dreams sold to us by marketing brain washers. They sell us things promising that we will find true ease and integration through them, yet the opposite happens. We become more deeply frustrated. The inner restlessness both builds and is either buried or bruises self and others. This causes schisms in one’s consciousness as well as disease.

In Tantra we move from Suffering to Savouring by becoming Sensitized to the Subtle and by Simplifying Systems. The mind grasps for complexity and is desensitized by modern overstimulation and loudness. The capacity to observe our internal systems and life and see where our mind is craving drama or stimuli is what builds a road map out of the loop of disharmony, dysfunction and unnecessary danger.

We create Safety by consciously Slowing down. This slowing down, and going into the parasympathetic rest and digest phase, happens as we work with the breath and various Tantric tools and awareness practices. This shift happens on a deep unconscious and somatic level to help us blossom into who we truly are. Not what we have been brainwashed into believing and wanting. 

Join us from June 14th to 19th to laugh, love, play, breathe, connect and be. Learn healing practices and support self and others (through partner work) to blossom into a blessing. 

You can read more in the blogs below about real Tantra rather than the face painted version seen these days, especially in the west.

Much Love,

Yogacharini Maitreyi

Register for Finding Fulfillment Through Tantra: Magnetize Your Heart’s Desire, June 14 – 19, 2024 with Yogacharini Maitreyi

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Reclaiming Tantra: Decolonizing Yoga and Spiritual Practices: Watch Maitreyi’s livestream interview with Banyen Books Thursday May 23 at 7 PM

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