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Discovering Cortes: An Interview with Bill Ophoff

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For three decades Bill Ophoff has been Hollyhock’s resident Naturalist, responsible for guiding countless visitors and locals to discover the wonder and beauty of Cortes Island. Bill landed on Cortes Island on “May 3, 1993 on the 3:05pm ferry” and never left. For over 30 years Bill has been part of Hollyhock’s evolution, holding down a lighthearted and no BS foundation, filling our bellies with beachside oyster barbecues, and beguiling our hearts with stories of the land.

With a mix of sadness and deep gratitude, it is time to announce that Bill is retiring and this will be his final season at Hollyhock. This week Bill was generous enough to walk and talk about his journey as a naturalist with Breanne Kemp, who left office life behind and moved to Cortes in 2022. Working with Bill, shucking oysters and assisting with his Discover Cortes programs, reawakened the naturalist within Breanne.

Watch this sweet and funny interview between the two of them, filmed by Alyssa on campus this week, it is a loving tribute to Bill’s influence on a new generation of naturalists and a reminder not to lick slugs! 

Honouring Bill Ophoff’s Last Season at Hollyhock

We have three upcoming Discover Cortes programs with Bill at Hollyhock that offer a last opportunity to adventure in nature and learn from his vast experience and knowledge of the land. 

To honour Bill’s contribution to Hollyhock we are offering a special promotion, book any one of Bill’s upcoming final programs on Campus with the code DiscoverCortes for 10% off accommodation.

Discover Cortes - Bill Ophoff
Discover Cortes (July) - Bill Ophoff
Discover Cortes (August) - Bill Ophoff

Remember:  Cortes and Quadra Island residents always get 15% off at Hollyhock with the code Islander at check out or contact registrationIf finances are a barrier please apply for a scholarship. 

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