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Remembering Lisa Gibbons

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On behalf of ourselves (Tecuana and Peter) and our staff community at Hollyhock, we are holding the Weyler/Gibbons family in our hearts after hearing the news of Lisa Gibbons passing away last week after her battle with cancer. 


As many of you are, I am thinking of Lisa today. A cherished member of the Cortes Island community, Lisa had a lifelong connection with Hollyhock, falling in love here, living here, having a family here, creating beauty here, and working here. Lisa was the beloved wife of Hollyhock’s founder, Rex Weyler, a talented artist, devoted mother, and truly beautiful soul. Known for her kindness, gentleness, boundless generosity, and deep strength Lisa touched the hearts of all who had the privilege of knowing her. I remember spending time with Lisa as a little child when she lived in A-frame with her young family, and to me, it will always be Lisa’s house. Lisa’s legacy of strength drawn from love and compassion will forever live on in the hearts of those she touched.


Lisa had a special connection to many of us at Hollyhock. Over the years, I had many meaningful and deep conversations with Lisa about art, spirituality, community, the past and the future. My strongest memory of Lisa is her standing under the apple tree in the Hollyhock garden creating pure beauty in the form of flower arrangements that would adorn different rooms of the Hollyhock campus. There was something powerful, mysterious, and essential in her work with flowers. I have a memory caught in my mind of the midday sun disappearing behind the ancient cedars, catching Lisa’s shining hair while she worked. I will always think of her when I look at that spot in the Hollyhock garden. 

We have such deep compassion and love for Rex, Norm, Jonah, and Liam, as well as all the extended network of family, friends, and community that Lisa touched.  

With much love, 

Tecuana and Peter 

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