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Behold – Hollyhock’s ✨shiny✨ new Campus Guide Books!

Each guidebook is specially curated, encompassing all the details for you to successfully navigate your stay at Hollyhock. This includes historical information, dining, safety, guest activities, hours, directions, and so much more!

On the topic of directions and finding your way at Hollyhock, check out our dear colleague, artist Ebony Rose and her newly hand painted Campus signage! We love her work – you can catch her at her upcoming art show hosted at the Old Schoolhouse Gallery this summer in Whaletown (last 2 weeks of July).

Thanks to a collaborative effort with our dedicated maintenance team, these lovely signs are now installed and ready to help you find your way around.

Between the new campus guide books, and the signs to guide you towards your next adventure, your Hollyhock experience just got bit more elevated. Find a Campus Guide Book nestled in your room during your stay, and be on the lookout for the new signs all over Hollyhock.

Book your program today or come for a Hollyhock holiday – We can’t wait to welcome you this season!

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