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Unveiling the Hollyhock Campus Transformation – New Hot Tubs, Ocean-Side Deck, and Creating a Place of Connection

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Revitalizing the Hollyhock Campus

Imagine the sea breeze on your cheek as you sit on the ocean-side deck at Hollyhock enjoying your morning tea. Looking out on the Salish Sea, a fellow participant from your workshop comes and joins you for the sunrise. You share some reflections on the previous day and sit in comfortable silence as you listen to the birds skirt across the sky. This is Hollyhock. This is the awe and magic of land and the human connection. 

Over the winter, we have been making a significant improvement to our lodge and ocean-view hot-tubs and we are excited to welcome you to a new and improved Hollyhock experience in 2024. In late 2022, Hollyhock was awarded a Federal Government Grant as part of the Federal Government’s Tourism Relief Strategy. The grant was to rebuild our hot-tubs, our ocean side deck, and the bathrooms in the lodge. With the support of some visionary donors – who deeply understand the power of connection possible through shared amenities – we were able to break ground on the project in November. 

This renovation project is the largest capital project we have done at Hollyhock in more than 20 years. It represents the first project of our Campus Planning project completed in 2021 – which is a plan to revitalize the Hollyhock Campus for the next 20 – 40 years. Over the life of Hollyhock, capital projects have been a challenge to execute for many reasons. Our beautiful Campus is in the heart of a rain-forest where the ocean meets the forest. In the winter, south-east winds roar up the Salish Sea and rains batter our hand-built buildings and soak the lands. Finding contractors to work in the winter is tough and finding the money to finance the work, even harder.  

That is why this project is so transformational. We are very proud to have partnered with Barkley Project Group, who primarily work with Indigenous nations in remote communities to provide renewable power and community infrastructure, to complete this project. They have been a true partner every step of the way. It has been a joy to see how quickly they are transforming our Campus. Check out some of the pictures. 

We are so excited for you to come in 2024  and enjoy these new amenities in their first year. There will be more star-gazing in the new hot-tubs; more connecting over a meal; more quiet contemplation over your morning tea. Oh, and did I mention we are putting in a sauna? 

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