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Hollyhock in Autumn

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Fall scene, apples on a tree branch at Hollyhock Retreat Centre, on Cortes Island.

Hollyhock in Autumn has a rhythm all its own. 

As summer fades, it makes room for the golden hues of autumn. There’s an intimate shift that happens here. The trees, soon to be cloaked in amber and russet, signal the passage of time, while the crisp air carries with it the stories of seasons past and the promise of winter yet to come.

Our garden feels the change. 

Sunflowers, standing tall, start to bend slightly, heavy with seeds ready for next year. Tomatoes, full and richly colored, await hands eager to harvest. Dew forms a beaded pearl at the center of each nasturtium leaf. Apples start to fall to the orchard floor. Each fruit, each leaf, like all of us, carries its own story. A journey that inevitably finds its way to our kitchen.

In the kitchen, an unmistakable warmth exists, merging both anticipation and deep appreciation. The aroma of stews and broths, cakes and dressings fill the air. Warm cups of mint tea sit among hands gazing off towards an ever changing ocean. A testament to the land and sea’s gifts, and our collective efforts to make the most of them.

At Hollyhock, we share more than just meals; we share experiences, stories, and the mutual understanding that comes from living close to the land. As the seasons shift, so do we, taking cues from nature on how to adapt, thrive, and stay connected.

We invite you to come experience the muted beauty of fall time at Hollyhock, and the warmth of a community that holds dear the complex, yet resonant melodies of nature. 

Join us as we learn, adapt, and celebrate, one season at a time.

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