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What We Planted in 2022, What’s Growing in 2023

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An apple tree frames the entrance to Hollyhock's main lodge. The garden is fallow and covered with snow but small plants peek up from the soil.

The mid-winter garden at Hollyhock is not the showiest season. The greenery and flowers have died back, the apple trees have shed their leaves, the birds and other creatures have moved south or into hibernation. The annual vegetables and flowers have long since been harvested, admired, and enjoyed on our tables. At a glance, the quiet starkness can hide transformation below the surface. The darkest day of winter solstice has passed, and beneath the soil, all are in anticipation and preparation for the returning of the sun and another year of growth. 

In a mimicry of this natural cycle, wintertime at Hollyhock can appear subdued compared with the buzz of summer program season. Our guests and seasonal staff have departed, the kitchen uncharacteristically quiet, the salal is reclaiming the trails. However, behind the scenes our team is working at full speed to continue the positive momentum of 2022 and cultivate an extraordinary next year. 

Last year, as we returned to our first full season of programming since 2019, we welcomed 1,800 people for our unique programs in social innovation, leadership, wellness, and creativity. We are filled with gratitude for the return of our community members old and new. Because of your support, we also spent 2022 planting seeds in our organization that will continue to grow for years to come. 

We are planting the seeds of social transformation

Hollyhock Leadership Institute (HLI)  is building the capacity of changemakers across sectors and geographies. Longstanding programs like Social Venture Institute have cultivated communities of praxis for more than twenty years. Now in our 41st year, we are expanding our HLI programming across 4 streams to resource ourselves to face the emergent challenges of today and tomorrow. Offering multiple gatherings dedicated to advancing skills in social enterprise, equity, climate justice and movement mobilization, we are centering the voices of innovative leaders to catalyze learning, collaboration and scale social impact. 

We are reinvigorating our containers for connection, healing, and personal growth

In 2023 we will build out a full season of programming including on-campus, Vancouver, and virtual offerings. This year we will welcome 4 new staff year-round members to expand our capacity in programming,  partnerships, and community outreach. We are investing in new virtual programming to increase geographic accessibility and continuity for participants between annual programs. We will welcome new presenters and programs to recalibrate your inner voice, and expanded modalities of wellness to inspire outward change.  

We are growing a longer table, not a higher fence

Our resilience is rooted in care and cultivation of everyone’s unique gifts and talents. All of us benefit from a multitude of perspectives and lived experiences participating in our programs and shared vision of the future. Meaningful change only happens when all voices are invited to participate and lead.  In 2022 we granted $158,000 in scholarships to 231 people. With your support, this year we will increase our scholarship fund to almost $200,000. More people from more places will have increased opportunity for growth and transformation and enrich our community. 

We are growing a connected community that will support us in reaching our highest potentials 

All that we seek to accomplish, in 2023 and beyond, will not be created in isolation but through the network of extraordinary people who contribute to Hollyhock with their presence, participation and support. As our team continues to tend our roots, we are excited to share what has been growing. We look forward to learning alongside you this year.

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