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Financing Social Innovation

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Social innovators and changemakers need support to do their incredibly important work.

At Hollyhock, we’re focused on bringing together some of the brightest minds in social innovation through major events including Social Venture Institute and Social Venture Institute Women.

These events create opportunities for people to share ideas, ideate business problems and solutions, build networks, deepen their skills, and create the necessary space to recharge our internal batteries.

This is all made possible by our sponsors, who not only provide financial support for the creation of these events, but also ongoing mentorship and networking opportunities. Below, we profile one particular sponsor that has helped make these events possible for several years.

Shining a Spotlight on ICA with Dianna Tremblay

Dianna Tremblay, Chief Program Officer, ICA

Can you describe your social venture?
ICA is a 501(c)3 venture capital Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) based in Oakland, California. ICA’s Mission and Vision: ICA accelerates great businesses through mentoring and investments to close the racial and gender wealth gaps, toward our vision of an economy that works for all.
We operate 2 accelerators and directly invest in small businesses in the 9 – county San Francisco Bay Area.

When/How did you first get involved with SVI Women?
ICA has supported SVI Women for the last few years, and as a sponsor the last two years. Allison Kelly, our CEO is a member of the advisory circle and a long time supporter.

When you envision a better future, what role do you see women having in it?
I see women continuing to do what they do now – taking their innate ability to lead and create dynamic and long lasting change.

What role is ICA taking to create a more just and equitable future?
ICA’s work revolves around closing the racial and gender wealth gaps through the work we do. To do that we must ensure that there is equitable access to financial products designed with the small business and their employees in mind. We must also ensure that every employee has the opportunity to build wealth; we believe small businesses are the key to making our economy more just, equitable, and allow people to participate in  the economy in the way they choose to, not the way they are limited to by deep, entrenched constraints.

What advice do you have for an entrepreneur who is challenged by these times?
Do not carry the load of the challenge on your own. Find a network you can bring 100% of yourself, challenges, worries, hopes, aspirations, and your vision for yourself and your business too.

Thank you!

Discover your network to help you carry the load: Join ICA and 150+ other women entrepreneurs at SVI Women Virtual February 15 – 17, 2022. Scholarships available thanks to generous support from partners like ICA
Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

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