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Letting Go of Control and Finding Peace

In this free 20-minute session, enjoy a teaching on how to let go of control with Robert Gass, followed by a grounding guided meditation led by Judith Ansara. This session was recorded live last year June 2020, during our online Hollyhock-a-thon solstice fundraiser.
Judith Ansara, MSW, and Robert Gass, EdD, are well-known teachers who integrate rich backgrounds in spiritual practice, psychology, organizational change, social action and the arts. For four decades, they have brought their work to centers such as Hollyhock, Omega, and Esalen, and organizations ranging from the Sierra Club to General Motors to the Obama White House. Gifted healers and guides, they bring to their work a depth of compassion and insight forged in the living laboratory of their 50+ year marriage and work with thousands of couples.

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After this session you may listen to “Heart is Wide Open” — a song to calm & open your heart by Danya River here.
Now in 2021, as we start to emerge from the darkness of the global pandemic, we are looking forward to a brighter tomorrow. How we emerge from this time – as individuals, as an organization, as a community, and as a society – will shape the future. This June 20 2021, come together again to celebrate summer solstice with Shine the Light 2.0 – showcasing music, dance, nature immersion, learning, and more. Register at
Robert and Judith will also be hosting Sharing the Path for Couples at Home, a 3 week online program, from June 26 – July 17.
Hollyhock is a registered not-for-profit and relies on philanthropic support to help fund programming development, accessibility, and campus sustainability.
The heart of what Hollyhock does is connect people more deeply to ourselves, each other, and nature. Connection fuels the human spirit and helps us thrive. Help Hollyhock build connection to continue fuelling the human spirit, please consider making a donation. Thank you for your generosity!

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