White Horse Sanctuary

Hollyhock has a new neighbour on Cortes Island. White Horse Sanctuary is a ten-minute walk up the road. Here, you’ll find that the horses are a natural portal to wisdom and healing. Being in their presence, even virtually/visually in the video below, brings the electromagnetic fields of your human heart and brain into a state of coherence, communion. That’s why being around them feels so good.

For this new year, the two white horses, Omar and Raven, have a gift for you. A few minutes of beauty, peace and grounded stability in this uncertain world with our Foundation Practice, a meditation in nature.

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Omar and Raven are Belgian-Haflinger-cross, full brothers who’ve lived together their whole lives. Before they came to Cortes Island in 2017, as work horses they pulled wagons and sleighs for their cowboy owner. Each has his own distinct character as a medicine horse in this new phase of life.

I have found that being with horses liberates the imagination––horses have taken me riding in the sacred mountains of Ecuador, swimming in the Indian Ocean, on safari into the Okavango Delta of Botswana and the wilderness of Zimbabwe, to the legendary wild herds of the Nemiah Valley in B.C.’s Chilcotin, Country and by donkey cart to meditate in a monastery in the Sagaing Hills of Burma.


Film produced by Across Borders Media

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