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Water Needn’t Apply – Forest Bathing with Amos Clifford

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Amos Clifford, M.A. is one of the leading voices in using nature as restorative justice and self liberation. With a background in zen teaching, he uses many forms of eco-therapy to heal deep wounds and re-establish our place within a sustainable natural world.

In the following recording of To the Best of our Knowledge, Amos introduces the practice of forest bathing as it has been developed by him based from his learning of the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, otherwise known as “Forest Bathing”.

Forest bathing walks are a dive into the senses and sensory pleasure; a practice of noticing what is present in us and in the natural world that surrounds us. Rather than looking at the natural world as a resource from which we can obtain goods to feed the economy or as the source of personal entertainment, forest bathing encourages us to be in relationship with the more-than-human world.

As forest therapy guides, Amos Clifford and Christy Thomson invite you to join them this May for “The Way of the Guide: Forest Therapy” to discover and witness the forest’s capacity to calm, teach and heal.

Experience this for yourself at Hollyhock!

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