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I am my own Teacher

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One of the best things about running Head + Heart is the opportunity to meet and connect with so many bright lights – people and organizations committed to supporting and lifting others.
However, the business of spirituality can get murky. For those who are passionate about personal and spiritual growth, it’s very tempting to outsource our wisdom and power to others. We think they have the answers, which can feed a false belief that we are the problem that needs to be fixed. And some teachers do play into this, to create dependency.
In the face of this reality, I’ve come to the most beautiful realization so far on my journey: I am my own spiritual teacher.
This insight is landing deeper each day, thanks in part to practices like breathwork, meditation, and Kundalini dance.
Everything we are looking for is already within us. A truly great teacher is one who guides us to our own inner wisdom, strength, and power, towards our greatest teacher of all – our higher self. 
While we all need support at times, it’s still important to pursue guidance with an understanding that everything you’re looking for is already within you. In many ways, the work of growth and healing can only be done by ourselves, for ourselves. This is an extremely empowering understanding.
With that being said, some of the most beautiful personal and spiritual guidance can come in the form of teachers and practices. Teachers like Adyashanti, Tara Brach, and Will Pye are each dedicated to equipping people with the abilities to uncover their strength and potential within.
If you’re looking for a program to support your growth, each of these teachers offer multiple options, which I’ve written about in this article about programs to support personal growth. If you’re not quite ready for a full program, but want to explore local healers and teachers, I’d recommend a breathwork and sound meditation session, or perhaps one of these upcoming BC yoga retreats or spiritual retreats in BC
Of course, you can also check out Hollyhock’s 2020 program list here.

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