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What is Functional Medicine 2.0? – A Discussion with Dr. Devon Christie and Dr. Lawrence Cheng

What does it mean to realize your full health potential?

On July 15th 2019, Dr. Devon Christie and Dr. Lawrence Cheng hosted a webinar providing an overview of what it means to have whole human health – balancing spiritual wisdom with modern medicine.
If you missed it, no need to worry, they graciously offered us a recording to share with all of you! As cohorts in the latest integrative health research and technology, these doctors know a thing or two about health care; from the psyche to the cell.
This recording is an intro to their upcoming Hollyhock program Whole Human Health: Functional Medicine 2.0. By understanding and untangling the deepest roots of illness, Drs. Christie and Cheng will shed light on integrative and functional medicine, mind-body medicine, neurobiology, the science of consciousness and altered states, and perennial yogic wisdom. Learn more below.

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