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Tantra: Sex & the Sacred

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Are you feeling a little foggy in the brain or physically drained? Are your sexual adventures becoming… unadventurous? This is the thing –  it’s all interconnected.
Here’s a little enlightenment: Tibetan Five Element Tantric Practice connects body, mind, spirit, and sex through the use of sexual energy to bring clarity in all aspects of your daily life.
Tune into Devi Ward Erickson, founder of the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education, as she unveils the power of your chakras.

Every single human being is hardwired so that orgasm is a taste of enlightenment.

Devi will be with us presenting “Tantra for Couples: Cultivating Sacred Intimacy” from July 12-16 for you and your partner(s); a first at Hollyhock.

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