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4 Reasons I Love (to practice) SUP Yoga

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Growing up, I was always around water: on the water, in the water, under the water. A fish first and a land dweller second, I was in the water before I could walk.

My yoga practice is sacred to me. It teaches me something every time I choose to get onto my mat. Sometimes it’s only for 5 minutes. Sometimes it’s actually not on my mat at all, but more like yoga off the mat. Like going for a walk through the forest and connecting with my surroundings; noticing my breath. Regardless, I think I learn something about myself every single time.

Though I’ve fallen in love with yoga, the water was still there, calling me back, ultimately leading me to SUP (stand up paddleboard) yoga. Here are my four major reasons for practicing yoga on a board:

1. It’s really playful – and I love to play.

Yoga on a paddle board takes all of the ‘seriousness’ out of your yoga practice. And by that I mean this: It becomes impossible to take yourself  too seriously, because you become too focused on other things. Like not falling in. Like enjoying the sunshine, the wind and the water. Like enjoying the collective laughter of those around you having equally as much fun.

2. It’s humbling.

You thought you were a master at warrior two? At tree pose? Once you try it on a floating yoga mat (aka paddle board), those poses feel brand new. When you’re SUP Yoga-ing, every single posture is a balancing act.

3. To connect with nature.

It allows you to connect with nature and the elements that bring such joy to our bodies. The sun is radiating on your skin (unless mother nature doesn’t cooperate).  But when the sun is out, being on the water, in the sunshine, and practicing yoga is a triple threat of awesomeness. Your skin can soak up the vitamin D like crazy while you take in the view.

4. Savasana on the water.

This part is probably my favourite. The feeling of being rocked sweetly with your hands and feet draped in the water as you rest and integrate your practice is like no other. Add some warm sunshine or a glowing sunset, and it doesn’t get any better than that.

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To mark my partnership with Hollyhock, I will be giving away a spring inspired vinyasa (flow) yoga and meditation package! Though not SUP yoga specific, it has all the land-based material you need to set yourself up for the water and can be done anywhere. The package will include:

  • A weekly 35-minute yoga class

    • designed to help you grow and detoxify your body

  • Bi-weekly guided meditations

    • that are classic, timeless and can be done again and again

  • Bonus tutorials on topics such as ‘Refining your downward dog’, ‘ How to choose the best vinyasa for your skill level’, ‘Asymmetrical lunges tutorial’, and more!

How do you enter? Just follow the link below to enter the raffle before March 31 and I will draw the winner at random. Keep your eyes peeled to your inbox and I look forward to seeing you this Summer at SUP yoga: Breathe, Stretch, Float.

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