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Breast Cancer Prevention: Lymphatic Drainage

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Did you know that the body contains 6 to 10 litres of lymph fluid? In comparison, the circulatory system has only 3 to 5 litres of blood.  When the lymph circulation stagnates, fluids, protein, cells and toxins accumulate and cellular functions are significantly compromised.  This opens the way to many physical ailments and may hasten cellular degeneration, eventually allowing cancer to develop.
Lymphatic massage is a very gentle and relaxing preventative therapy that addresses the whole body, but especially the breast area.  This light massage around the breast drains the fluid to the 35-50 nodes in the axilla area (armpit).  By cleansing these tissues we initiate proper circulation and eliminate stagnation, toxins and cellular breakdown.  In the treatment we first clear the clavicular nodes (front of the neck) and the axillary nodes so that lymph fluid can drain into these nodes for complete cleansing. We then gently move around each breast in the proper direction to allow the lymphatic fluid to drain and flow to the pectoral and mammary nodes (around bra line), which we then drain into the axillary nodes.  If breast cancer runs in your family or if you want good preventative care, I would recommend lymphatic drainage massage therapy.

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Pure therapeutic grade essential oils can also be applied to the feet and breasts. When applied to the skin, these oils will penetrate every cell in the body within 21 minutes of application.  Sesquiterpenes found in certain oils help increase the oxygenation of the cells. The scent of the oils also stimulates the limbic system of the brain, which unlocks the DNA of the cells that has been passed on from generation to generation. These combined therapies promote profound physiological and psychological changes to prevent breast cancer.
Lymph drainage therapy is also highly recommended after removal of nodes from surgery, to allow fluids to be redirected to avoid edema (swelling).  Lymphedema can appear anywhere from 6 weeks to 20 years after surgery.
Good preventative breast care is the most efficient way to increase every woman’s chances of living a long and healthy life.

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