Mindful Self-Compassion

With Martin Thomson-Jones, PhD and Joel Grow, PhD

July 3 - 8, 2022
Cortes Island
Mindful Self-Compassion training teaches us how to develop the warm-hearted, connected presence we need during moments of difficulty.

Mindfulness Meditation: A Way of Love and Compassion

With Robert Beatty

September 16 - 21, 2022
Cortes Island
Wake up from the trance of everyday life. You are not your moods, anxiety, compulsions, past wounds, or addictions. Awaken to the freedom, love, compassion, and joy that is your natural state. This program is held in silence (except sessions) — common areas on campus are shared spaces.

Sensory Awareness: Rediscovering Experiencing

With Judyth Weaver, PhD

October 3 - 7, 2022
Cortes Island
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Sensory Awareness is the practice of coming more in touch with oneself. Not attached to any theory or method, the work transcends dogmas, disciplines, and forms. It brings us to the immediate, direct experience through which we can rediscover and return to our own natural ways of being….to our birthrights. This work is practice; not theory or lectures.