Wages at Hollyhock

Hollyhock is not-for-profit, educational organization that offers experiences centred on personal growth, societal change, and sustainability. The business model of our organization includes earned revenue and philanthropic dollars. As a not-for-profit, our goal is to have our revenues match our expenses. Some years we succeed at this and other years we finish with a deficit. There have also been years that we finish with a surplus. All surplus dollars are re-invested into the organization.

As part of our commitment to social change, we aspire to make sound, fair, and equitable wage decisions based upon industry standards and the financial needs of our community to access a heightened quality of life. For the last number of years we have been working hard to increase the wages and benefits we provide, and we are committed to increase wages over time.

Please see the charts below for our current wage rates.

Year-Round Salaries

Our year-round team is made up of coordinators, managers, and directors. These roles are split between our Cortes Island Campus location and our offices in Gastown, Vancouver. Our year-round team focusses on programming, communications, fundraising, and operational planning.

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Seasonal Wages

Based on Cortes Island, our seasonal team is central to the Hollyhock magic. Working alongside our year-round staff from March to November, we often have over 70 staff by midseason, many returning year after year. Our seasonal team includes managers, housekeepers, cooks, hosts, registration staff, gardeners, retail workers, maintenance, and program staff.

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