This experience was exactly what I needed to relax, go within, be in nature and eat such healthy food. I will recommend Hollyhock to everyone I meet who is looking for what I received. Thanks for the opportunity to share in your dream.

– Anonymous, 2017

Sustainability Policy

Hollyhock is committed to maintaining and restoring the health of natural ecosystems, local economies, and the well-being of our staff and guests.


We are committed to increasing the environmental sustainability of our operations through purchasing ecologically responsible and/or local products and implementing a “closed loop system” for material use.

Through these commitments, we hope to encourage dialogue on how to reduce human impact on the natural environment, as well as develop and demonstrate model systems. We also endeavor to expand the community of people who understand the functioning of natural systems and our impact on them by being a living example and through educational programming.

Hollyhock is committed to:

  • Reducing and eliminating the consumption of and/or release of any substance that may cause environmental damage to the air, water, and the earth or its inhabitants. As such we use natural materials wherever possible with priority given to products that are made from reused, recycled, and/or biodegradable materials.
  • Reducing and eliminating waste through source reduction and recycling. As part of this commitment we compost all organic food wastes on site. We support Cortes Island Recycling Centre in its efforts and guidelines for commercial users. We prepare all materials coming off our property for proper recycling, or when necessary, for other responsible disposal. We reuse numerous items and make items that we are no longer using available for inexpensive purchase or give-away to staff and Cortes Island residents.
  • Providing our staff and guests with plant-based meals, locally and organically grown as much as possible. Our menus are primarily vegetarian with additions of local seafood and wild fish that do not come from threatened populations.
  • Growing organic food. We do not use synthetic or chemical fertilizers in our gardens. We use companion planting, mulches and hand weeding, rotation plantings, green manure cropping, drip irrigation, local compost, and natural soil amendments.
  • Water conservation and ensuring that we do not pollute any water source or water body.
  • Protecting biodiversity and ensuring that we maintain or restore old growth characteristics, structure, and function of our wild forest on site.
  • Eliminating the purchase of wood or paper products that come from old growth forests and purchasing products that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and/or come from ecologically responsible logging that supports local and indigenous communities. Whenever possible, Hollyhock uses Cortes Island wood, harvested from sustainability managed woodlots. We also seek out recycled products with high post-consumer content and paper products made from ecologically responsible alternative fibers such as agricultural waste paper or organic hemp.
  • Conserving energy and making every effort to increase energy efficiency. We endeavor to introduce renewable energy sources, such as solar power, where possible.
  • Reducing use of fossil fuels through promotion of our rideshare board and through encouraging our guests to participate in carbon emissions off-setting programs.
  • Auditing and evaluating our progress toward sustainability. We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere that encourages staff, guests, and friends to question the status quo, be creative, take risks, explore their own commitments to sustainability, and hold us accountable to ours.


Hollyhock is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of our staff and guests as well as teaching and promoting holistic living, personal well being, and cultural autonomy as key elements of sustainability.

Hollyhock is committed to:

  • Renewing our relationships with the First Nations peoples on whose territories we are guests. We recognize First Nations land rights and title, and supports First Nations peoples in their cultural autonomy and decision-making power within their traditional territories. We support opportunities to educate our staff, guests and community on the history and present impacts of colonialism and systemic racism.
  • Providing a respectful environment that is free from bullying and harassment. See our Community Policy on Respectful Conduct.
  • Working towards being a Living Wage employer.
  • Providing our full-time year-round employees with Extended Health Benefits.
  • Giving 100% of donation proceeds from all our Presenter Evenings to our Cortes Islander Scholarship Fund.
  • Providing full and partial scholarships for our programs and conferences for those with financial and other barriers. See our scholarship page for details.