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When you support Hollyhock, you activate established leaders, support emerging leaders, and empower everyday leaders to develop inner skills for outer impact. 

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It’s easy. It’s rewarding. By joining our Monthly Donor Circle you support people year-after-year to cultivate inner wellness for outer impact. When we connect to our true selves we are more available to each other, and to the world. Join Our Circle

You don’t have to be Canadian to donate, but please note, we are only able to provide tax receipts to monthly Canadian tax payers.

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You can help create a just, inclusive future, where societal norms empower smart, compassionate, collaborative, resilient leadership and decision-making  today… in under 5 minutes: Donate Now. 

Have an impact, where it matters most to you, learn more about our Annual Fund and Future Fund.

Gift of Securities

A gift of publicly listed securities is an innovative and creative way to make a charitable gift. Securities can include stocks, bonds, bills, warrants and mutual funds. The Canada Revenue Agency. does not apply capital gains tax on donations of publicly traded securities, allowing your investment to make an even greater impact.

Facilitated by CanadaHelps, Hollyhock receives full monetary value of your securities.  Simply fill out this Online Form and then submit your Letter of Authorization to your Financial Adviser. For more information on how to maximize your gift please consult with your Tax Advisor or visit the Canada Revenue Agency.

Leave a Legacy 

Leaving a gift in your will helps ensure that Hollyhock exists for generations of change-makers to come. Your legacy for the future is as simple as including:

  1. Note our full name and charity number in your giving details: Nextwave Foundation, Charitable Number #898471115RR0001
  2. Share the following clause with your legal advisor to include in your will: I give [insert gift details: a portion or all of the residue of the estate or a specific sum] to Nextwave Foundation, charitable registration number #898471115RR0001.

We recommend you consult with your legal and financial advisor before leaving a gift in your will.

What kind of gift can I leave?

You can designate a Specific Bequest, either a dollar amount, piece of property, stock, bond, or work of art. Through a Residual Bequest you can gift all, or a portion of your estate after all your debts, taxes, expenses and other bequests have been paid. Through a Contingent Bequest your gift takes effect only if the primary intention cannot be met. Finally, through a Deferred Bequest your gift takes effect only after your loved ones no longer need support from the income of your estate.

What if I already have a will prepared?

Your Legal Advisor can prepare a simple document, called a codicil, that adds a new bequest while reaffirming the other terms of your will. Your will does not need to be rewritten.

Contact our Development Director, Penny Naldrett, to plan your legacy gift.

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