Shine the Light

Solstice. The longest day of the year, when the sun shines the brightest. With the cancellation of many of our programs and deep uncertainty about when we will be able to open again, Hollyhock is facing hard financial times. This solstice, we will meet the turning of the season with the radiance of many of our brilliant presenters and community. Celebrate with us at a day-long virtual Hollyhock-a-thon!

“Thank you for the Thursday classes I am really learning and feeling more balanced during and after❤” – Hana Weinwurm, 2020

My appreciation for the place, the staff, the gardens, and so many wonderful programs I’ve attended there over the years. I want Hollyhock to survive and thrive! – Mariane Spitzform, 2020

Thank you for keeping the lights on! – Nancy “Kaasay” Watters (Tlingit Wooshkeetaan Eagle Clan), 2020