Financial Accessibility

Meaningful change only happens with all voices considered.
We believe finances should not be a barrier to education, leadership, and personal development.


Hollyhock Scholarship Fund

Scholarships are available for most programs, based on financial need. We prioritize Indigenous people, people of colour, people who identify as LGBTQ2IA+, youth, elders, and those who can articulate how their Hollyhock experience will support positive impact in their lives and communities.

The majority of scholarships awarded are 50% tuition. Additional funds may be considered for emerging leaders (see Dana Bass Solomon Scholarship Fund below), for Hollyhock Leadership Institute Conferences, and for other special cases.

Application: To apply, indicate that you are applying for a scholarship in your program registration. All applications will be reviewed by our Scholarship Committee. Please apply early if possible.

Eligible Programs: All programs are eligible except for holidays and meditation programs that are based on dana (teachings by donation).

Deposit: When you apply for a scholarship your deposit rate will be reduced to $195 (standard deposit is $395) for Cortes Island programs. The deposit for Vancouver programs is 50% of tuition. Your deposit may be refunded if our Scholarship Committee is unable to offer a scholarship or if you decline our scholarship offer (see cancellation policy). Scholarship recipients are responsible for paying any expenses not covered by the scholarship, which may include a tuition balance for partial scholarships, travel, accommodations, meals, and applicable taxes. Please note that scholarships are considered taxable income.

Once your scholarship is confirmed, we may ask if you can help spread the word about your upcoming program. Afterward, we’ll invite you to share your feedback and your stories and testimonials from your time with us (optional).


Dana Bass Solomon Scholarship Fund

In 2018, Hollyhock established the Dana Bass Solomon Scholarship Fund in honour of former CEO, Dana Bass Solomon and her 20 years of extraordinary leadership. This fund supports full tuition, room, and meals for emerging leaders who demonstrate financial need and extraordinary potential in community innovation, arts and culture, or social and environmental change.

All applications will be considered for a full Dana Bass Solomon Scholarship, and up to 12 are available each year.


Tiered Tuition

For select programs with high social impact, you can pick a tier that fits your budget. No application required.

  • Reduced – Low income, made possible by our generous donors
  • Standard – Mid income, regular price
  • Generous – High income, helps support another participant to join