Ride Offered Departing Oct 15th Vancouver-cortes – Returning Oct 22 – Driving Paul Stamets

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0 on September 30, 2019

Ok, so we have our itinerary more or less set. I am picking up a large car/suv on October 15th. We will catch the 12:45pm Vancouver- Nanaimo ferry, drive to Campbell River take that ferry to Quadra at 5:25pm, then the final and last ferry to Cortes at 6:45pm. This will put us in at 7:30pm.

On the return we plan on taking the 22nd ferry out of cortes at 7:50am, Quadra at 9am, then the 12:45pm Nanaimo getting us back to Vancouver at 2:45pm.

I am going with my brother in law who will also be attending the Stamets program. My sister may go as well, but she is still checking with her work for the days off. So we have space for 1-2 more depending if she wants to go or not. We will split cost, and are open to one way riders if you have other means of transportation the other way.

Really looking forward to this event. My aunt has a house on Cortes, and for some unknown reason,,, this is my first trip to the island. You can reach me here (but I will not check as often), email [email protected].



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