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Offering ride from Van Sept 25-29. Rm for 3 people | Hollyhock Rideshare Board

Offering ride from Van Sept 25-29. Rm for 3 people

Updated on September 19, 2019 in Offering a Ride
2 on September 10, 2019

Vancouver to Hollyhock Sept 25-29. I have room for 3 people.

Text 778 863 4253

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1 on September 10, 2019

oops, just tried to send mssg but not sure if it delivered? sorry if this is a repeat:

Name is Michael, hello, i plan on going from vancouver to cortes where my mom lives in summer. only looking for one way trip as i will return with her later in week. can help with gas/ferry/driving. Sept 25th probably works for my schedule,

thanks for considering. my email is nectarin@vcn.bc.ca


-michael speier

on September 19, 2019

Hi Michael, I made reservation for Sept 25 @11am ferry from Horseshoe bay and you are welcome to join me. There might be one more person from Van that might be interested in going. I am driving from downtown and can pick you from downtown if you like. Take care.


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