Our Spaces

Hollyhock has the unique ability to create spaces that open people up to a sense of hope, possibility, creativity, and connection with others. The inspirational containers that our physical spaces provide are supported by an artisan handcrafted quality and rich history.

Lodge & Garden

Bursting with life and abundance, our garden is sure to never disappoint. Whichever path you choose, be sure to stop and smell the flowers and note the colourful lettuce and veggies that will soon be in your next meal!

The lodge is the heartbeat of our campus. This central meeting place is where we break bread and share meaningful conversations over meals. Here you’ll also find our 24-hour organic tea, toast, and fruit bars, and a cozy fireplace room. Our friendly hosts at the lodge can help you with anything you need.

Next to the lodge you’ll also find our famous ocean-view hot tubs, open for day-time relaxation or star watching at night.


Size: 675 sq ft (+ 50 sq ft entrance)
Capacity: 50 seated
Distance from Lodge: 75 metres
Flooring: Wood

Tucked into the trees behind our garden, Kiakum is the closest meeting space to our lodge. This uniquely crafted round wooden building, with hanging lights and thin windows, was built between 1970 and 1971.

Once thought to mean “gathering place,” the origin of the name Kiakum is actually a mystery to us. It is very likely that Richard Weaver (founder of Cold Mountain Institute) brought the name from a county in Washington named Wahkaikum, which translates to “tall timber” in the Chinook language.


Size: 700 sq ft (+ 150 sq ft entrance)
Capacity: 50 seated
Distance from Lodge: 100 metres
Flooring: Wood

Walk up a serene path overlooking the ocean, and you’ll find yourself at the footsteps of Raven. Sunlight pours into the large skylights of this beautiful rounded building and onto the smooth floors.

Raven was created with the intention of fostering inner work by turning attention towards the centre of one’s being. This is why the building is shaped like a snail, with a skylight that brings the daylight through the centre of the room. 

Bluff House

Size: 200 sq ft
Capacity: 12
Distance from Lodge: 120 metres

Continue past Raven to the top of the hill on the South side of campus, and you’ll find a two story home overlooking the ocean. Bluff house was built by one of our founders, Rex Weyler, for his family. Featuring a spacious deck, a gorgeous forest-view bath tub, and a full kitchen, this is the ultimate resting spot.

Today, Bluff House serves as shared accommodations with three bedrooms, as well as a session space for many of our smaller creativity and skills training programs.

Sanctuary & Bodywork Studio

Walk a path through the apple orchard to discover our handcrafted cob Sanctuary. The Sanctuary provides the perfect container for morning meditations. Made out of cob, the building’s foundation is also laden with quartz crystals. Nestled into the quiet of the forest, sitting in Sanctuary is the ultimate experience in serenity.

Across the way is our bodywork studio, where you can relax in the hands of our skilled practitioners while being serenaded by birdsong and the soft rustle of the trees in the wind.