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  • Private Cabin Oceanfront – CAD $2,942.00
  • Single w/ensuite Oceanfront – CAD $2,350.00
  • Single w/ensuite – CAD $2,214.00
  • Single w/shared bathroom – CAD $1,914.00
  • Couple w/ensuite Oceanfront – CAD $3,716.00
  • Couple w/ensuite – CAD $3,440.00
  • Couple w/shared bathroom – CAD $3,164.00
  • Twin w/ensuite oceanfront – CAD $1,862.00
  • Twin w/ensuite – CAD $1,722.00
  • Twin w/shared bathroom – CAD $1,582.00
  • Three-share w/shared bathroom – CAD $1,442.00
  • Women Dorm – CAD $1,258.00
  • Male Dorm – CAD $1,258.00
  • Mixed Dorm – CAD $1,258.00
  • Tent Site Single – CAD $1,198.00
  • Tent Site Couple – CAD $2,256.00
  • Commuter – CAD $1,142.00

Date & Time Details:
Starts with dinner on July 19
Ends with lunch on July 23

Sample program schedule

Location: Cortes Island

Tuition: $650 CAD

Campus Rates: Campus rates include accommodations, meals, Hollyhock activities, use of hot tubs and campus facilities (does not include tuition). Click here for details.

Scholarships: Program experiences are enriched by having a multitude of voices and experiences that reflect global plurality. Our scholarship program is one of our key strategies to expand program access to underrepresented and marginalized communities.

A limited number of scholarships are available per program with awards ranging from partial to full tuition. We encourage applicants from those whose identities intersect with, but are not limited to: Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, 2SLGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, newcomers, youth, and elders.

Please apply for a scholarship within your program registration form. We ask for a 5% refundable deposit to apply. Contact us directly if you are unable to pay this deposit.

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Passion Liberation

With Shilbee Dhalla-Kim

July 19 - 23, 2023

This is a moment in history, herstory, their story and our story where everything as we know it is changing. What kind of change do you desire—for yourself and for our worlds?

In the Korean language, passion is 열정 (Yul-Jung). 열정 translates as heat and love. Passion is the alchemy of heat and love that moves us to action. Passion for a cause, for service, and for communities are often the reason behind the work led by social entrepreneurs, changemakers, and innovators.

But often mission-driven work is challenged by intractable social problems. To withstand, subvert and transform these sticky and stubborn challenges, we require a variety of tools for protection and momentum. One of these tools is passion. In some cultures, passion is likened to fire. Fire is an ancient technology that destroys and creates. How can we consciously use this powerful tool—passion—to transform ourselves and our worlds?

Passion Liberation is a multi-day experience that includes rest, pleasure, play, and movement. Using the fire metaphor for passion, you will learn a framework designed to liberate our passions so that you can ignite or grow your fire. Fire is the chemical reaction of three key elements: oxygen, heat and fuel. During our time together, you will explore what you need to protect your oxygen, spark heat and add fuel to your fire.

By embarking on this journey of inner and outer exploration using nature as our teacher, you will learn how your passions can help you in dismantling internalized oppressions, offer ways to protect yourself as things fall apart, and clarify your vision and values towards better worlds.


A detailed schedule will be available 1-2 weeks in advance of the program. View sample schedule here.

Terms & Conditions

You may find our terms & conditions here.


Shilbee Dhalla-Kim
Shilbee Dhalla-Kim coaches change-makers, entrepreneurs, and community builders in clarifying their passions for change. She has coached change-makers at organizations including Innoweave, Social Innovation Canada, and the United Nations Association in Canada, and has facilitated workshops for organizations such as Cossette, Accelerate Her Future, and the Kingston Economic Development Corporation.…
Learn more about Shilbee Dhalla-Kim
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