Tiny Houses 101

May 18 - 23, 2018

This program has been cancelled. 

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Learn what tiny homes are all about! In this four day intensive course, gain the inspiration and information you need to start designing and building your very own tiny house!

Together, we’ll strategically cover the following topics:

  • Basic home design for the temperate climate
  • What are Tiny Homes and why go tiny
  • How to design a tiny house from the trailer up
  • Tiny House construction step by step
  • Living system options – Waste, water, heat and power
  • How to work with bylaws and building codes

This course provides insight into how exciting tiny homes are to design and build, while also grounding participants in the realities of workload and costs. Valuable tips will prevent you from making costly mistakes, and innovative ideas will inspire your build. Walk away knowing how to make YOUR tiny house a reality.

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Day 0 (evening) – Introductions & Housekeeping

Day 1 – What are Tiny Homes? Why Tiny Homes? How to Start Designing!

  • Intro to functional shelter – insulation, glazing, thermal mass, ventilation and orientation
  • Types of tiny houses – Permanent vs. Tiny House On Wheels (THOWs)
  • The pros and cons of tiny houses
  • Design goals & design priorities – Designing a tiny house that reflects the user
  • *Design exercise: Setting your goals & determining your priorities
  • Intro to trailers, road legalities, and tiny house floor plans
  • *Design Exercise: Recreating famous tiny houses to-scale on paper

Day 2 – Designing Around Utilities & Tours

  • Virtual tours of tiny homes
  • Introduction to utilities – Options for water, energy, waste, internet & heat
  • *Design exercise: Laying out famous tiny houses to scale on the ground & tours!
  • Building an efficient tiny house: Calculating your water, heat & electrical needs

Day 3 – Steps of Construction

  • Step-by-step construction process from the trailer to the roof
  • Construction options, material choices, tips, and advice
  • How to make a tiny house structurally strong
  • *Design exercise: Rough draft of your tiny house

Day 4 – Construction Continued & Legalities

  • Steps of construction
  • The world of legalities – Building codes, road rules, & zoning/bylaws
  • How to work around legalities & how to work with municipalities to change
  • Space saving tips & tricks
  • *Design exercise: Completing your house floor plan & side drawing(s)

Day 5 – Sharing Resources & Tiny House plans

  • Presentations of tiny house plans – Goals/priorities, layout, & sided drawing
  • Sharing resources & making the next step
  • Feedback, Lunch & Goodbyes

**A tour of at least 1 tiny house is being arranged.
**Schedule may flex depending on pace of the course.

Kenton Zerbin is an inspirational speaker, teacher and consultant who helps others repair land, grow food, and build homes. As a trained educator and a certified Permaculture teacher, Kenton’s passion is to enable others to thrive in their social and physical landscape. He has spent several years studying, designing and teaching Permaculture across Australia, Canada, the U.S. and the Caribbean. He has designed multiple properties, started a Permaculture Research Institute in Barbados, and been a guest speaker for gardening groups and Governments alike. Kenton now resides and teaches in central Alberta where he lives with his wife in a tiny house that they designed and built. kzpermaculture.ca

I really genuinely loved this entire course! This is the best weekend I’ve had in a very long time. The content was fantastic, a great blend of conversation, experience, videos, technical design…. Thank you a million times over, this is the first step to some amazing changes to come for me. – Anniken R., Past Participant