Ritual + Practice for the Urban Homestead

September 28 - October 3, 2018

This program has been cancelled. 

Other programs during September 28 – October 3:

This program is for people facing the world as it is, staring wide-eyed and reaching sideways for another’s hand. It is for people seeking emancipation from the myth of progress. It’s for those who need to gather and grieve a lack (or the disappointments) of community and the difficulties of collective action. It’s for the disaffected among us who are mourning and burying what is, and feel ready to start birthing and nurturing what’s to come.

The skills we need to repair our relationships with each other, with the natural world, with the non-earthly worlds, are learnable.

We’ll work gently to resolve relational trauma caused by western culture – the trauma we carry that affects our partnering, our parenting, the wild, the workplace, and our worldview.

We’ll explore new ways of responding to shared predicaments like climate change, colonialism and patriarchy.

We’ll cultivate the sacred in the soil and bring ritual to our relationships.

We’ll attune and attend to the land.

This program is a time to integrate the rustic and the noble, the mundane and the sublime, and remember what it means to become fully human, in this world, wherever we are.

This program incorporates:

– learning fundamental concepts and tools for systems thinking
– a framework for resilience through the collapse-regeneration cycle (whether personal, spiritual or societal)
– a primer session on attachment theory applied to partner, family and community systems
– nature as companion, therapist and guide
– guided visualization, experiential exercises, personal and community ritual
– nurturance of spiritually-oriented home-based activism
– some hands-on activities that will get dirt under your nails

There will be some reading and homework assigned to prepare for this program.

Carmen Spagnola is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, a licensed wilderness guide, and professional intuitive. carmenspagnola.com

Ruben Anderson has a degree in sculpture, an Industrial Design degree, decades’ experience working in and teaching Sustainability, is a sought-after Behaviour Change Consultant, and a thoughtful gardener/farmer. smallanddeliciouslife.com

Carmen & Ruben live a small and delicious life growing potatoes and beans, tomatoes and flowers, raising rabbits, making pickles and fermenting cider on their urban homestead.

There are no better people to hold you in difficult sacred space than Carmen and Ruben, even if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s powerful. – Jenn Richardson