Aligning Your Head and Heart

Neuroscience + The Desire Map™

June 1 - 6, 2018

This program has been cancelled. 

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The Desire Map and The Life Delicious programs join forces for the very first time at Hollyhock, to give you powerful tools to fuel mind, body and spirit, and align your head and heart.

Have you ever wondered why some people get into flow easily and are able to enjoy life to the fullest? It isn’t just elite athletes, musicians or artists. We can all live this way. Understanding the science behind mindset, movement, nutrition, sleep and connection, along with the discovery of your core desired feelings, will change the way you make choices, manage time, do business, and how you love.

The dynamic balance between science and spirituality – cognition and intuition – give you the leading edge to live in flow with the energy of your Being. Join us for this innovative, life-affirming celebration of who you are and who you’re becoming!

Catherine Roscoe Barr is founder of The Life Delicious, a global wellness coaching practice offering luxury retreats, private coaching, corporate workshops and keynote speeches. Catherine holds a BSc in Neuroscience, is a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor and coach practitioner, and writes about lifestyle for numerous publications.

Jenny Xenos is an ICF Professional Coach whose forte is Desire and Self Leadership. Jenny holds certificates in over 13 academic studies, has 15+ years of success in the hi-tech corporate world and has been leading The Desire Map workshops since 2014, when Danielle LaPorte created this revolutionary, feelings-first, program.

In this Hollyhock Talks Podcast, Jenny Xenos explains the power behind knowing one’s core values, and how to use them as a guiding force in your life to drive decisions and find your life’s purpose:

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