Looking for a dynamic way to let go of old karma and conditioned patterns? Ready to lean more fully into the vision you have for your life purpose?

AstroDharma supports your journey of self-discovery and transformation by leveraging Buddhist teachings (Dharma) to give deeper meaning to transpersonal Western astrology.

Dharma and astrology offer two very powerful tools to help us better understand ourselves as individuals, the nature of being human, and the universe around us. Buddhism packs 2500 years of profound consciousness studies while transpersonal astrology draws on Jungian principles and Western mythology. Together they help us understand our natal chart – the map of our soul – and our unique journey depicted therein.

This powerful combination empowers us to draw on personal strengths to transform personal and situational challenges, so we can speed up our spiritual path and benefit others.

This course is designed to help you:

  • better identify patterns in your own astrological birth chart
  • harness and develop opportunities and gifts shown in your chart
  • recognize and transform challenges

The aim is ever deeper self-realization and connection with our higher purpose for this lifetime. Those wishing to dive deeper into the transformational process have the opportunity to work on a specific personal challenge.

Catherine Pawasarat has been a student of astrology for more than 25 years, and a dharma trainer and teacher of the path of awakening since the early 2000s. planetdharma.com

Read more about AstroDharma on our blog: hollyhocklife.org/astrodharma

“A perfect blend of focused inner work along with space for reflection in a trusting and comfortable setting. The journey has opened access to undiscovered strengths in myself and I could not be more thankful.” – Ryan Gies, Manager of Software Engineering

In this video, Catherine explores astrological clues for insight into relationships.

TUITION: $445 CDN/ 4 nights (meals & accommodation extra)

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