Padma Meditation

Finding Freedom & Joy!

July 13 - 17, 2018

Find real balance and clear awareness, and live your life in joy, strength and peace. 

Padma shares her wisdom, laughter and inquiry from three decades of direct tutelage with a Himalayan meditation master. She skilfully guides you to find your own lasting ease, joy and experience of freedom.

This is a delightful immersion in pure meditation, insightful discussion, eastern philosophy and psychology along with Padma’s unique style of gentle yoga. Develop skills of ease and expand your life’s joy. Explore how this powerful work is fully applicable in your daily life in this rare chance to learn timeless knowledge directly transmitted to Padma from her guru in India.


  • Manage Changes and Transitions in Life
  • Be Free from Feeling Anxious
  • Eliminate Self-Doubt
  • Learn from the Patanjali Yoga Sutras
  • Enjoy Life Fully

This is a retreat of exploration and practice that brings you powerful results. Beginners are welcome and advanced meditators will benefit immeasurably. While there will be gentle yoga segments, the program is mostly comprised of discourse, meditation and inquiry.

Padma, B.Sc., is an enlightened yogi and has lived and studied advanced meditation in the Himalayas since 1989. She has taught hundreds of meditation workshops around the world, offers an online meditation teacher training program and is the host of the popular Padma Yoga TV series, aired Canada-wide since 2003.

Check out Padma’s talk on meditation for U.N. International Yoga Day:

In this Hollyhock Talks podcast, Padma Shyam speaks about her desire to experience freedom, meeting a meditation Master in the Himilayas, and the benefits of a meditation practice. Meditation is not a technique but the awarenss of the pure, ever-present, untouched, free space of your own being: