Wildcrafted Art Intensive

September 7 - 12, 2018

This program has been cancelled. 

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Renew your creative nature through crafting your art tools and materials directly from the wild. A playful and profound exploration of the handmade approach to making art, this program strengthens the bridge to your inherent creative superpowers and the dynamic living world we call nature.

Make paint from stones, paintbrushes from furs, feathers and fibers, pens from various wooded and winged critters, inks from plants, and charcoal from wood. Forage, gather and harvest raw materials from the local landscape with intention and respect and then transform them into handcrafted art supplies and tools. Give them new life as you explore their use and endless creative potential.

When we become participants with the ecosystem in this way, our sense of place is restored and we remember what it feels like to belong on the landscape in a more holistic manner. When we become inquisitive and creative we are more resilient and better able to respond to challenges.

Nick Neddo is an artist, author, naturalist, primitive skills educator and craftsman. He makes his art supplies from materials that he gathers from the landscape, which is the topic of his book: The Organic Artist. Nick enjoys clean air, water, food and dirty hands. nickneddo.com