Organs and Emotions

Sept 16 - 19, 2018

Emotions are an integral part of our lives and hold the key to spiritual growth and transformation. When you understand and honour the intelligence of emotions and the connection between emotions and the body, you can tap into unlimited health and find flow in your life.

Traditional Chinese Medicine connects the emotions to the organs. Learn how your organs store and generate emotional energy and what to do when this energy, or chi, becomes imbalanced. Using five element theory, explore the five primary organs and emotions and practice intelligent and elegant emotional expression.

This innovative program links the intelligence of your emotions with meditative movement to balance the chi, allow emotions to flow, and find ways to move forward in life. Based on Qigong practices, neuroscience research and mindful communication, this holistic approach is rooted in the Eastern view that mind and body are one.

Program topics include:

  • five element theory
  • organ theory
  • chi
  • mind-body connection
  • intelligent and elegant emotional expression (based on non-violent communication principles and conflict resolution techniques).

Practices include discussion, dialogue, journalling, and Qigong practices.

Farah Nazarali is the Founder and Producer of Drishti Point Yoga Podcasts and The Smiling Yogi, a small-Vancouver-based business dedicated to spreading joy, health, and wellness. After 2 degrees, over 10 years of teaching, and over 15 years of spiritual study and practice, Farah believes the power for change in the world lies within each individual tapping into and harnessing an inner source of power and using it for the benefit of all.

Farah brings a heart-centred approach to conflict resolution and is a pioneer in integrating yogic practices and Eastern wisdom with conflict resolution skills. She has studied classical yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Non-Violent Communication and is currently enrolled in the Certificate Program in Conflict Resolution at the Justice Institute. In addition to teaching, Farah is the podcast producer of Hollyhock Talks and In Conversation, a Podcast of Banyen Books and Sound.

Jennifer Clarke has been a movement artist for over 20 years and movement educator for the past 15 years. Immersed in the healing arts, she has completed her Masters level in Medical Qigong with the International Institute of Medical Qigong and has completed multiple Yoga Teacher Trainings including the Yogaworks YTT program, and has been a choreographer and performer of Contemporary Dance for many years. She is a sought after teacher in Vancouver and the lower mainland. She deeply believes in the inherent intelligence of the human body and our unlimited potential to heal and thrive. In her own journey, she has experienced the healing effects of a regular Qigong practise and she continues to be inspired by the profound effects of Qigong. She has guided many clients and students to tap into their own healing potential through Qigong.